Energy Services

Technician analyzing energy stats on a tabletFor many commercial buildings, an energy cost reduction of 30 percent is readily achievable, with 10 to 15 percent possible simply through “best practices” and low-cost or no-cost measures.

The hardest part is knowing where to start.

Across EMCOR Building Services, our companies’ experts will develop a customized strategy for you.

All of our companies are dedicated to helping you create and maintain high-performance environments while reducing energy use and operating costs. Let them help you increase the value of your property, return money to your bottom line, reduce your carbon footprint, and gain access to rebates, grants, various utilities and tax incentives and programs.

Your Partner in Energy Saving

Our companies provide customized energy benchmarking and energy savings assessments that will give you a roadmap to future savings. 

The energy experts at our companies can show you where your energy dollars are going now and how they could be working harder—and more efficiently—for you through better energy management services and systems.

Our services include: 

  • Building and industrial energy efficiency studies and upgrades
  • Demand response services
  • Renewable and sustainable energy services
  • Retro commissioning or existing building commissioning services
  • LEED certification support (U.S. Green Building Council member)
  • Demand control ventilation systems
  • Utility and special program rebates for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Energy saving performance contracts 
  • Energy reduction strategies
  • Energy efficiency retrofits (HVAC, automation, integration, lighting)
  • Cogeneration, fuel cell, solar photovoltaic, thermal storage, geothermal
  • Self-performance of targeted energy conservation measures 
  • Commercial energy audit and energy reduction audit